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About our Shops…

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Our shops (which are integrated into the shelter building and online) are our primary means of raising the money we need to provide shelter, food, medical attention, and nurturing to the animals in our care.  We want people to feel good about purchasing supplies for their pets.  By shopping at our facility, you can see the animals your purchase is helping.   By shopping online, you can make a difference from the comfort and safety of your own home.  You really can make a difference and help homeless pets by taking care of your own.

Our onsite retail facility is small and contains mostly day-to-day items such as food, bedding, hay, and treats.  Our online shop gives you access to items that we cannot accommodate in our tiny building.

Not sure of what you need?  Have a look at our checklists below and make sure you are prepared before you bring your new family member home!

We Also Do Nail Trims

Guinea Pigs $5

Rabbits $10

New Pet Checklists:

  • Below are lists of items we recommend having prepared for your new pets. 

  • These are only shopping lists, not complete care sheets. 

  • We recommend doing a lot of research before bringing home any animal you have never cared for before.


Our online shop only sells SUPPLIES.  You cannot order live animals from us over the internet and we do NOT sell or rescue dogs in any capacity.  If you are looking to rescue one of our available animals, click the "Animals in Need" tab above.  Thank you.

Special Requests

Don't see what you're looking for on our site?  Let us know!  We'll see if we can special order it for you.  


Thanks for submitting!

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