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How to help


Did you know on average we spend: 
$1400- Rent
$310- Electricity
$170- Gas
$120- Water
$113- Phone/internet
$50- Security system
$73- Waste removal
= $2,236 AVERAGE PER MONTH Just to give the animals a comfortable and safe place to live.
Plus: veterinary bills, credit card processing fees, groceries for the animals, regular maintenance, and more!  We do not make enough in adoptions and supply sales to keep our doors open. We really need your help to keep helping the animals of the community.


Did you know you can raise money for homeless pets every time you grocery shop?

Click here to watch a how-to video and see how it's done

Want to Donate to the Animals?

Some of the items they need are:

​Cat Litter                    Laundry Soap

Cat/Kitten food       Kroger/Grocery Gift Cards

Dishwasher Tabs    Rabbit/Guinea Pig Food

Toilet Paper

Turkey or Chicken Baby food

Browse Our Wish Lists

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Volunteer         Program

  • We are 100% Volunteer Operated.

  • We need volunteers to help with daily duties such as cleaning cages, keeping the animals socialized, grooming the animals, cleaning stock and shelves, fundraising, and sometimes specialty tasks.

  • If you wish to volunteer please visit the shelter during business hours and ask one of the full time volunteers for an application or Click Here.

  • If you are approved we ask that you sign up for days that you would like to come in on the provided calendar. We ask that you sign up so that we can make sure we have things for you to do and we know which days we have help.

  • If you are unsure of your availability you may call the day of and see what we need help with or you could stop in and see how things are going. 

  • There are many jobs that volunteers can do. Some of these jobs include: cleaning cages, sweeping/ mopping the floors, dusting merchandise, socializing animals, and much more! 

We appreciate every ounce of help that we get!

Volunteers must be age 16+ or have an adult stay with them on the premises for the full duration of volunteer shift.

If you are a scout group leader and are interested in our scout program, please e-mail Madison at OhioPetSanctuary@gmail.com

Help Us Make A Change


Our Change Jar

We outgrew our current facility within our first 3 months.  We are collecting spare change from your car seats, couch... or wherever!  Our change jar is located in the front of the facility and ready for you to help us earn the building of our dreams.

The Big Finish!

Our goal is to expand from our current 3000 SqFt facility to a minimum 10,000 SqFt!

This expansion will all us to QUADRUPLE our animal capacity.  We also would like to include a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and add dogs to the list of animals we will be able to help.  This is a HUGE goal but we have faith that it will happen!

To see the full blueprint, click the image.

If you would like to contribute to our expansion, please click here


Things we recycle that you can contribute:

  • Cans for the Cans for Critters drive

  • Shredded paper

  • Cat food cardboard flats

  • Toilet paper tubes

If you are interested in helping our recycling initiative, or have a question, please contact us!

Click the Image to learn more about Cans for Critters!

Adoption Certificates

In this time of uncertainty for businesses there has been a lot of discussion about small businesses taking a big hit. There are a lot of companies who are offering gift cards to help boost the small businesses. Unfortunately that is not something we have, but we are offering Adoption certificates! We think that these are a great option as a gift if you know someone who would love to get a pet. The adoption certificate allows your gift to be something the person can pick out on their own and will cherish forever! If you would like to purchase a certificate you can email us at ohiopetsanctuary@gmail.com and we will arrange a way to get one for you. In this time where we are social distancing we are trying to assure that we all stay healthy and limit our interactions so email is the best form of contact for now. Thank you for your continued support!


We have the Crittermobile running, now we need to get it set up on the inside to transport pets! As you may guess building custom cages can be quite the adventure so we are currently figuring it out now! We want our pets to be able to travel comfortably so we are hard at work to make that happen! Any donations that can be made help tremendously!

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please stop in the facility any time we are open to pick up an application.

Contact Us:

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