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EVI at The Ohio Pet Sanctuary

The Economic Veterinary Initiative (EVI) is a new low-cost, minimal vocation veterinary care service that is located at The Ohio Pet Sanctuary.  EVI’s mission is to aid the members of the community in caring for their pets, regardless of their financial status.

Current economic times are difficult for a great number of Americans and those in the Cincinnati area are not without exception.  Diminished income should not force people to stop caring for the animals they consider to be part of their family.  While there are other facilities in the area that provide these services, many of them have a two to four month waiting period.  This is evidence of the marked need for more providers to help these animals get the care they need in a more timely manner.

Due to the small size of The Ohio Pet Sanctuary's building and small EVI staff, initial services are limited to low-cost spay/neuter one to two days per week and a low-cost vaccine/microchip clinic once per month.  These services are only being provided for cats and rabbits at this time.  As The Ohio Pet Sanctuary grows, EVI will grow as well.  Eventually, canine care and low-cost rabbit sterilization will be included in our available services.

Low Cost Spay neuter; Budget Spay Neuter; Cat Spay Neuter
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Before Scheduling your visit, be sure to fully and thoroughly read our memorandum of understanding (also referred to as consent waiver) 

At this time, registration is ONLINE ONLY.

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Contact The Economic Veterinary Initiative:



*Please do not call The Ohio Pet Sanctuary with Questions regarding EVI

Additional Services in the Cincinnati Area:

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•Please note PIN is a low-cost, full-service clinic for both dogs and cats that is open to all that qualify



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