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See Our Available Animals on PetFinder

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What is Our Adoption Process Like?

  • View our Petfinder page to see our available animals.

  • If you see a pet you would like to meet, come visit during normal business hours. 

  • We will ask you some questions to see if we feel like the home you are offering is right for that animal.

  • If it sounds like a good home, we will offer you an adoption application.

  • You will need to bring a valid state-issued photo ID for us to check your identity.  If you lease or rent your property, please provide proof that pets are permitted.

  • If your application is approved, you must pay the adoption fee upfront and you may take your new family member home the same day.

**We have a small onsite retail store that sells basic supplies such as food and hay.  Click the "FAQ" tab above if you are looking for checklists for supplies for your new pet prior to bringing it home.

What are Our Adoption Fees?

♥ Cats <7yrs:..............$65.00

♥Senior Cats:............$50.00

♥ Rabbits:...................$30.00
♥ Guinea pigs:...........$25.00
♥ Small Rodents:......$10.00
♥ Ferrets:...................$75.00
♥ Chinchillas.............$55.00

♥ Birds or Reptiles...$ Varies



Adah is our shelter mascot! She came to us unable to walk and unable to go to the bathroom on her own because her back and a rib were broken. She can walk now after years of physical therapy and lots of love. She has an unknown history but a bright future!  She has special dietary requirements as well as people to help her urinate every day.  She'd love a sponsor and visitors!



Hospice adoption:  Sheba is a sweet 11 year old spayed female.  Her previous owner had dementia and she was unfortunately housed in unsanitary conditions.  She arrived anemic from fleas and very thin.  Despite it all she is wonderfully human and other-cat friendly.  She'd love a home that will help her put on weight and keep her safe (preferably with a big window or catio).  She is listed as a hospice adoption due to early stage heart disease.



Pepper is a 6 year old SWEET HEART.  Unfortunately, she must be listed as special needs.  At some point in her life, she was declawed incorrectly.  She now has "sprouts" of toenails growing through.  This can often cause discomfort if not pain.  She needs help losing weight to take the extra pressure off of her feet and joints and hopefully revert her diabetes.  Despite it, she is a wonderful, chatty girl who loves attention.

image (1).jpg


Sammy is a 10.5 year old pointed domestic short hair.  He was adopted from us 3 years ago but had to return when the adopter suddenly passed away.  He is affectionate and caring.  He loves his green blanket and cuddle time.

image (2).jpg


Poptart is a 2 year old female degu.  She arrived as a solo member of three because the other two tried to kill her.  We would like to find someone who is familiar with degus and has a group of females who may welcome her so she does not have to remain alone.

little man.jpg

Little Man

Little man is a sweet but shy guy who spent his life as an outdoor cat. He has a history of ear mites so he has a head tilt and cauliflower ear but that does not stop him from being super cute!  He also may have a little bit of brain damage from Lyme disease that he has been treated for.  He was adopted but unfortunately had to be returned after he panicked and trapped himself in the ceiling.  He would do best in a home with no dogs.

Hours Of Business

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W: 12p-5p

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Sat: 9am-3pm

Sun: 12p-5p

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