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What is Our Adoption Process Like With Covid-19?

  • View our Petfinder page to see our available animals.

  • If you see a pet you would like to meet, please request meet-and-greet.  Please note that all animal meetings are by appointment.  You can schedule via e-mail or clicking the link below.

  • After you have contacted us we will arrange a time to meet the animal at our facility.

  • We will ask you some questions to see if we feel like the home you are offering is right for that animal.

  • If it sounds like a good home, we will offer you an adoption application.

  • You will need to bring a valid state-issued photo ID for us to check your identity.  If you lease or rent your property, please provide proof that pets are permitted.

  • If your application is approved, you must pay the adoption fee upfront and you may take your new family member home the same day.

**We do recommend bringing something to take your newly adopted friend home in, we sometimes have carriers for sale but being prepared is better!​**

What are Our Adoption Fees?

♥ Cats:.........................$50.00
♥ Rabbits:...................$30.00
♥ Guinea pigs:...........$25.00
♥ Small Rodents:......$10.00
♥ Ferrets:...................$75.00
♥ Chinchillas.............$55.00

♥ Birds or Reptiles...$ Varies

Request a Meeting
  • All animal introductions are by appointment only.
  • Not all booking requests can be approved.
  • Please specify the animal or species you wish to meet.
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Adah is our shelter mascot! She came to us unable to walk and unable to go to the bathroom on her own because her back and a rib was broken. She can walk now after a year of physical therapy and lots of love. She has an unknown history but a bright future!



Oog came to us with a bulging eye. She is a very sweet older lady that is happy to just sit and be pet. Two veterinarians have looked at her eye but aren't sure how to help her. We are hoping to find some sponsors for her so she can see a specialist about her eye.



Sassy is a yellow belly slider . She came to us because her owner was going to college and not able to take her. She is looking for a family that is ready for a long living pet that is gonna feed her the yummiest foods and provide a fun living area for her.



Rex has been with us for almost a year.Rex is a 20 year old double yellow headed amazon.  He picks who he likes and he doesn't care if you are male or female. HE DOES BITE. He talks when he wants to but mostly meows.  



Jake is a very good boy who has a little trouble.  He has a permanent head tilt that makes getting around a little different from other rabbits.  We know the right home is out there for him somewhere but he needs TLC and a sponsor. 



Cadpig came to us with very overgrown teeth and was barley able to eat. She had a serious infection in her mouth from her teeth growing into her face. She regularly needs her teeth trimmed but is still one of the sweetest rats you'll ever meet.



Killer is in her 50's and was caught from the wild. She doesn't like being touched but she loved to have a chat and eat a snack together. She is missing a toe and her other foot is deformed too so she needs special perches to make sure she can keep a grip.



Spark came to us when he was pulled from a car engine by one of our volunteers.  Unfortunately, he has developed some health problems that are lumped into the term "failure to thrive."  When he was 10 weeks old, he barely weighed 1.5 pounds.  He has a lot of therapy ahead of him and needs a sponsor to help.

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