♥ Cats:.........................$50.00
♥ Rabbits:...................$30.00
♥ Guinea pigs:...........$25.00
♥ Small Rodents:......$10.00
♥ Ferrets:...................$75.00
♥ Chinchillas.............$55.00

♥ Birds or Reptiles...$ Varies

What is Our Adoption Process Like With Covid-19?

  • View our Petfinder page to see our available animals.

  • If you see a pet you would like to meet, please request meet-and-greet.  Please note that all animal meetings are by appointment only.

  • After you have contacted us we will arrange a time to meet the animal at our facility.

  • We will ask you some questions to see if we feel like the home you are offering is right for that animal.

  • If it sounds like a good home, we will offer you an adoption application.

  • You will need to bring a valid state-issued photo ID for us to check your identity.  If you lease or rent your property, please provide proof that pets are permitted.

  • If your application is approved, you must pay the adoption fee upfront and you may take your new family member home the same day.

Would You like to Request a Meeting?
  • All animal introductions are by appointment only.
  • Not all booking requests can be approved.
  • Please specify the animal or species you wish to meet.
Request Here

What is your Kitten Policy?

Kittens on the adoption floor are available for adoption/deposit but are NOT permitted to leave to facility until:

  1. They have received their second FVRCP vaccine.

  2. They have been assessed by a DVM.

  3. They weigh more than 2 pounds AND are over 8 weeks old.

  4. They have been spayed or neutered.

  5. You are welcome to put a deposit on one that has not yet met this criteria but they must remain in our custody until ALL of these criteria have been met. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


How do I surrender an Animal?

There is no fee for surrendering a pet. WE DO NOT RESCUE DOGS.

  • Call the shelter and speak with a volunteer to see if there is available space for your pet. If there is not space currently you may be offered to be added to the waiting list (we cannot guarantee how long the waiting list will take, it goes based on adoptions).

  • After you have been told you can bring an animal in we will set up a designated time so that we are prepared for that animal.

  • When you bring the pet in you will fill out a surrender form that gives us information about the pet and you will be asked for a photo I.D. so that we may make a copy of it and keep it on file.

  • After you have surrendered the animal and filled out the appropriate paperwork then you are free to go.

**You may bring the left over things from your pet with them if you would like so that they have something familiar with them.**

What is Your Euthanasia Policy?

We do not euthanize to make space for new animals.  This means pets in our care may wait a year or more for the right home.  We only euthanize in cases of disease that is detrimental to the animal's quality of life or if the animal is aggressive or has other behavior disorders that make it a danger to itself or society.

How do I Volunteer?

If you wish to volunteer please visit the shelter during business hours and ask one of the full time volunteers for an application. You may either take the application with you or fill it out at that time. You will need to meet with one of our full timers to do a small questionnaire, to make sure you would be a good fit for our facility. If you are approved we ask that you sign up for days that you would like to come in on the provided calendar. We ask that you sign up so that we can make sure we have things for you to do. If you are unsure of your availability you may call the day of and see what we need help with or you could stop in and see how things are going. There are many jobs that volunteers can do. Some of these jobs include: cleaning cages, sweeping/ mopping the floors, dusting merchandise, socializing animals, and much more! 

We appreciate every ounce of help that we get!

Volunteers must be age 16+ or have an adult stay with them on the premises for the full duration of volunteer shift.

Want to Donate to the Animals?

Some of the items they need are:

​Cat Litter                    Laundry Soap

Timothy Hay            Hand Sanitizer

Cat/Kitten food       Kroger/Grocery Gift Cards

Dishwasher Tabs    Rabbit/Guinea Pig Food

Toilet Paper

Turkey or Chicken Baby food

Can't Make it up to donate?? THAT'S OKAY! You can either donate monetarily with PayPal or gift something off our amazon wishlist!

**Monetary gifts are not tax deductible.

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