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In 2009, Garak was found in a park outside of Cincinnati.  A stray ferret.  He was brought to the county animal shelter where he was adopted and given a loving home.  Two years later, Kes was found in a nearby area as she wondered onto someone's porch.  These two bring to light that all species need someone to care for them when their owners cannot any more.  They are the inspiration for the creation of the Ohio Pet Sanctuary. In 2012 the owner of Ohio Pet Sanctuary started taking some animals into her home and finding families for the "forgotten" animals. As her rescuing adventures grew she quickly realized that she needed a facility to work out of. In March of 2016 we finally got our first building and started the operation we have today! We are completely volunteer based and have some of the most dedicated, loving people! Everyone who comes to help does it out of their love for animals, and the experience it brings with the many different species we see! We hope to expand to a bigger building in the near future, as we have already outgrown our current facility. As of now we are taking most species, except dogs. In the future when we have our bigger building we hope to be able to accept some dogs but at the current time we just don't have the space to facilitate them.


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We are COMPLETELY volunteered based! We offer volunteer applications in the shelter! If you wish to volunteer stop by and fill out. We like to conduct a small questionnaire with one of our 4 full time volunteers to make sure you would be a good fit to help out. We accept volunteers of all ages but ask that anyone under 16 have an adult stay on site with them during their volunteer time.


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