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Madison Schleibaum, RVT  

Madison Schleibaum, RVT

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No need to overpay for your pet's protection when a simple metal dog tag will help bring them home.  Available in two sizes.

Simple Bone ID tag

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Be a proud adopted pet parent with this personalized dog tag! Personalize with the pet's name and address or your phone number. Only 5.99!

"Proud to be Adopted" Dog Tag

Name and Phone Number
Safety first!  Tags can get lost, caught, or chewed on. These durable nylon collars provide a tag-free identification system for your pet.  Available in sky, pink, blue, purple, red, or lime.  
​Please note, phone numbers in the photo have been intentionally blurred.

Personalized Pet Collars

Pet's Name and Contact #
Medical Condition
If your pet is lost, make sure rescuers and shelters are aware that he or she may require special medical needs or medical attention.  The front of this tag clearly states the animal's need for special consideration.  The reverse side states the pet's name, disease or disorder, and whom to contact in case of an emergency (veterinarian or family member).  Protect your pet in case of need.  4.99 + Shipping

Pet Medical Alert ID Tag

Pet's Name
Dates (if desired)

This box is a gift to both the pet and the people who have loved them. The picture (e-mailed to gives a lasting personal touch that cannot be matched by generic memorial boxes. The gold-colored name plate can display the pet's name, or the name with dates if desired. This item is customized and unique!   Perfect for favorite toys, collars, photos, ashes, or and many other small keepsakes. 
Small (4.5"x 6.0"x 2.5" deep):  37.52 + Shipping  or  Large (4.5"x 7.0"x 5.5" deep): 45.99 + Shipping

Personalized Pet Memorial Box
Please note, each picture will be sublimated as sent (.jpeg or .gif format is preferred).  Please crop or adjust color as you desire.

Name/ Engraving Sentiment
Pet Photo Ornament
This beautiful heart-shaped tag features your pet's picture (e-mailed to on one side and his or her name engraved on the other at no extra charge.  The name can be accompanied by your contact information if you choose to use it as a tag.  It also makes a unique piece of jewelry!  This item is a wonderful way to keep your pet close to your heart!  $4.99

"Close to My Heart" Photo Tag or Charm

Please note, each picture will be sublimated as sent (.jpeg or .gif format is preferred).  Please crop or adjust color as you desire.

How many sides?
Add holiday clipart?
Pet's Name
The photo of your choosing and your pet's name is permanently placed on the ornament.  Click to order and then e-mail your pet's photo to  This ornament made of durable plastic and will add a unique touch to your home for the holidays.  Only 7.99! 
Greetings!  After more than a decade of working in veterinary medicine, I have seen unique animals of all shapes and sizes.  The Human/Animal bond is one that should be celebrated, and I am proud to do my part to help you and your loved ones express that bond.  Thank you for your purchase to help us help homeless pets.

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