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The Critter Carriage:

We hope to earn money to purchase a used school bus and remodel the inside (and paint it blue) as a comfortable transport vehicle for our animals.  We especially want it for outdoor adoption events.

If you are interested in helping our recycling initiative, or have a question, please contact us!


​Things we recycle that you can contribute:

  • Cans for the Cans for Critters drive
  • Shredded paper
  • Cat food cardboard flats
  • Toilet paper tubes
Above is Garak.  In 2009, Garak was found in a park outside of Cincinnati.  A stray ferret.  He was brought to the county animal shelter where he was adopted and given a loving home.  Two years later, Kes (to the right) was found in a nearby area as she wondered onto someone's porch.  These two bring to light that all species need someone to care for them when their owners cannot any more.  They are the inspiration for the creation of the Ohio Pet Sanctuary.

**Monetary gifts are not tax deductible.  

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please stop in the facility any time we are open to pick up an application.

Unable to Drop Off Items?

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8018 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45255  |  513.388.9998

Directly Across from Beechmont Subaru

The Ohio Pet Sanctuary

Help Us Make A Change

Our Change Jar

We outgrew our current facility within our first 3 months.  We are collecting spare change from your car seats, couch... or wherever!  Our change jar is located in the front of the facility and ready for you to help us earn the building of our dreams.

Our Inspiration

The Big Finish!

Our goal is to expand from our current 3000 SqFt facility to a minimum 10,000 SqFt!

This expansion will all us to QUADRUPLE our animal capacity.  We also would like to include a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and add dogs to the list of animals we will be able to help.  This is a HUGE goal but we have faith that it will happen!

Want to Donate to the Animals?

Some of the items they need are:

​Cat Litter                    Laundry Soap

Timothy Hay            Hand Sanitizer

Cat/Kitten food       Kroger/Grocery Gift Cards

Dishwasher Tabs    Rabbit/Guinea Pig Food

Toilet Paper

Turkey or Chicken Baby food